Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 13, 2015

I love this crazy old couple...
Guadalupe and Celixta

Me and some of my lil homies playing with papolitas "kites" (plastic bag with a string attached to it)
We were passing by, and saw this old guy digging a hole and didn't even ask him if he needed help. We just jumped in the whole, took his shovel and started digging. We found out that the pipe broke, and his house was flooding of poop and who knows what else. Soooooo me and my comp Elder Fuentes digging a hole in the middle of the day in the straight summer... putting in work!
(I was told not to dare post this on the blog... but he wanted to show me much he was sweating. He said this was right when he got out of the shower and got dressed. He said he is literally drenched in sweat 24/7!)

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