Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 23, 2015

What's up fam,

Things are going great here in La Planeta There is a huge sign that makes me laugh every time we pass it that says "La cuidad de paz, y cielos abiertos" or in english "the city of peace and open heavens" just because it is literally the opposite.. There are gangsters on every corner that "watch/take care of" the colonies. Which just means that they charge all the stores 50% of all there income and if they dont pay then.. ya everyone pays them!
So, my mom and meg have been emailing me non stop like little worry warts so I'm gunna let yall in on whats happening here. First, and foremost, I am extremely safe and protected. I know youre not gunna believe me, but with this missionary plack that I wear on my chest, I feel safer here then I do in the states. 
But where im at right now, there are 2 different major gangs here in my area. The 18s and the MSs there is a street that divides the 2 gangs which is called the war zone. If one of them cross the other zone, its war. It is kind of a huge problem, because the members that live on one side will not cross the other side with us to visit people because they are scared. Honestly, it is pretty chill here but the gangs just work with fear more than anything.
Our mission leader was the very first 18 here in Planeta so they all respect him when we walk aroound with him. He got out of the gang life when he was 21, served a mission and now is just such a dope dude. 

Alright now, for the good stuff. I am not really sure what the change was, but I have never been happier in the last 8 months of the mission. I am just legitimately happy with who I am and what I am doing. I feel like I have truly turned all of my dreams and desires over to The Lord and in return he has made of me more than I could ever have wished to make of my self. 
In D&C 82:10 it says that I The Lord am bound to bless you when you do what I say, but when you do not what I say, you have no promise. I really do not like that word
"obligate" when talking about the Lord. For me, it is an extremely strong word to use when explaining that the Lord has to do something bc God is God and does not haaaave to do anything. But what I realized this last week, is this is him talking and telling us very sincerely, theres no ifs ands or butts, I will bless you when you do what I say. So in a sense, we have 100% total control over the blessings that we recieve which depends on our willingness to be obedient and follow the commandments of Christ. 
My new comp Elder Fuentes and I have been working sooooooo hard these last few weeks and I have been seeing with my own eyes, the blessings that come from the Lord. We are seeing sooooo much success in this area right now and I am on top of the world. 
We are working with 3 different solid families right now. The problem is that nobody is married down here, so we have been working with them individually and also with the members of the ward to help us make plans to get them married. 
I'm pretty sure you have heard alot about the Valladares family, a family that we have been working with for the last 3 months. But this week is the week, and they are going to get married and babtized this Saturday that makes me soooo happy

I know that I am a servant in the lords hands and that I am a small part of helping his children return to live with him once more. I love myHeavenly Father and my savior Jesus Christ. I love the people here more than I ever thought was possible. 
This would not be made possible if it wasnt for you guys.. emails, letters, and support. I love all you:)))
Happy birthday to Elder Lessard.. I ate all the Reese's and snickers in one night.. later that night, I threw them all back up. haha  
Family Valladares and us making and selling over  200 tamales to pay for their wedding 

Family home evening with President Klein and the Valladares family.. Definitely one of my favorite experiences of the mission so far!!!
This Gentleman is 89 years old and walks over 3 miles everyday to collect wood from the river and then another 3 miles back on one leg. His other leg, is a wooden frame that he kind of uses to help him. Me and my comp had the great pleasure to help him on Sunday carry his wood back to his house and make a fence with him..

March 16, 2015

Woke up to this little freak climbing on my face..

Me and the homie Elder Blaisdelle putting in work

The boys of the district help building a house!!

March 9th, 2015

Sooooo, there's some semi big crummy news this week.. My companion, Elder Ruiz has been really struggling since I got here with some health issues. And this week, he had a pretty bad panic attack where we rushed him to the hospital. I have been trapped in the hospital this week living of bananas and cliff bars (thanx Wantz fam).
Long story short, he had an emergency leave and is back in his house right now. So right now I am living with the other elders near by in a trio until changes on the 18th. It has been pretty tough but our missionary leader and the priest holders here are dope and have been leaving with me this whole week.. so we have been able to continue to visit all of the family's and people that I am teaching.
I had a a pretty sweet personal experience this week..

One night ths week, I came home completely drained and frustrated. I was so extremely exhausted mentally and physically and just fell on the ground. After planning, I went into the room and just broke down starting to cry; and I didn't really know why I was so upset. I have always considered myself to be a tougher guy, but I finally realized how much these people mean to me. It wasn't that I was worried about myself or my needs even the slightest degree. (I mean for the last week and a half, I have been sleeping on the ground with a pillow sheet stuffed full of my dirty clothes for a pillow haha)

I legitimately was concerned for the needs of the people that I am teaching; specifically, the Valladeares Family, who we have been working with since I got here. They are sooo amazing and I have been hoping and praying that they can find an answer to get married and baptized this week. (little interruption in the story, two days ago, they got accepted and we are planning on getting them married and baptized this month. We have already started the process to raise money for them and are going to sell over 100 tamales this week to the members of the ward. The ward is sooo awesome here) But I have truly grown to love these people with all my heart.

I have been struggling with the phrase "give the Lord all your heart might mind and strength" since the beginning of my mission. Because I  feel like I have been striving to do everything to the best of my ability, but just haven't been able to give the Lord my whole heart part. The other 3 I feel content with what i have been able to give to the Lord.
I have been and fasting and praying extra lately and I  feel that I have completely surrendered myself to the Lord and am lost in the work!!!
Oh just so, we are all on the same page here. I'm not gunna say my comps a baby.. cough cough But The only way that I am coming home is if they have to ship me back in a casket! Which our President of the mission, President Klein always says because we are in Honduras that could very well be tomorrow. hahaha 

I love you all!!!
Sooo, one of the hermanas here wanted to spoil me with a warm welcome.. For my dinner here, yo boiii ate cow tongue

Double fisting it with the book of Mormons

Missionary probs.. can't fit his whole life in 2 suitcases. haha Elder Jojo taking the bus to San Pedro

Rolling with one of my homies with our blingin chains

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 1, 2015

Birthday dinner with the comp and my homie Derek. We had my favotire "balleadas"

Derek is such a stud.. we have this secret handshake that involves twists and turns every time I see him. haha

Febuary 23, 2014

Soooo.. I know you guys like to know where I'm at and where I'm living. I imagine that it is really hard to feel like you guys know where I'm at and what I'm doing.. So here's a few pictures to help you out.. But just remember that you guys are always here with me.. In my thought and prayers I love you family:)

Where I study and where I eat

The cribbb. haha

Okayyy, so in remembrance of Super Bowl.. we played football at one of our Zone meetings. haha and ya, it pretty much made my mission so far. haha so we have been looking for a real American football for the last 6 months that I have been here and finally found a mini football. And seeing as this was the first year in my whole life, that I didn't watch the super bowl... I went all out on the other missionaries! lets just say, I ended up with my shirt pocket ripped and blood on my sleeve... ask me how in a friendly two hand touch missionary game I do not know? haha

Febuary 9, 2015

A lot of changes have happened this week in the life of Elder Lessard.. 
1st. I finally got moved from La Ceiba. I have been in this area for 6 months and I'm not gunna lie, it was extremely hard to say goodbye. I loved this area and the people so much and I am going to miss them more than I could have ever imagined.. :(

2 of the families were literally crying at the door when I had to say goodbye to them!!! I never realized that it would be this hard to say goodbye to them... 
We have grown so close with them and have helped them reach success in their spiritual growth and as friends. We have seen their whole family become strengthened and more united! They have shared with us and we have served them. And for this reason, it was extremely hard to say goodbye to them and the rest of the people of LA CEiba. I have grown soooo close with them and I can honestly say that I will never forget them:)

2nd. I changed companions.. finally. haha they say that a companionship in the mish is great practice for real life marriage. I can testify to that, if I was with Elder Rojche for 4 and a half months, that means that I could make it work with just about anything (donkey included) haha
But my new comp is Elder Ruiz, from Nicaragua. Hes pretty dope and we already work real good together. I am excited to get to work with him. And by the definition of work, I mean work like dogs. He got real sick before I got here so we only have 5 investigators. Yepppp, all I can say is we are gunna put some work in at the Planeta

3rd. The Planeta.. which brings me to to the last and greatest change.
(Meg, mom, and Traci and the rest of my aunts I think yall might want to close your ears right now) I have been called to serve in the Planeta aka the most dangerous area in the whole mission.... The slogan here that the people say is "Entra si desea.. Sale si puede" or "Enter if you wish.. Leave if you can"
I know that the Lord has called me here because this is where He needs me!
I'm not gunna lie, I was a little nervous when I heard that I was coming here but I know that I have the Lords protection on my side and with him.. EVERYthing is possible!

I need to share with you the testimony I have of this church and more than anything, the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know with out a doubt in my mind that this gospel offers us the happiness, joy, and peace, that our Father in Heaven has planned for us. Something that the world can never offer us.
These last 7 months, I have seen right in front of my eyes, hearts touched and lives changed!!! I know that the Lord Jesus Christ lives, and I have seen his hands present guiding this work.
I'm not going to lie... this is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in my life but I can honestly say that I would not want to be in any other place in the world. If I serve the Lord with ALL my heart might mind and strength, I know that he will bless me and my family for the rest of my life. 
But yall, better get ready for me when I get back. Because I am going to come back, yes a better man, but also like a cannon ball flying out of a cannon. coming in hot 1000s mile an hour ready to press play on my life.
First thing, watching Isaac play ball and then start my life with you know who... Meg;)

More service

We have been working the last month (2 mornings a week), helping build a house for one of the families in our ward. Look at this gheddo ladder he made for us. I told him this gringo weighs more than he thinks and I don't think it was gunna hold me. He said, trust me hurry up and get up there. Guess what happened? It broke and cut my arm open pretty good... hahaha

making "semittas" the most delicious bread ever...