Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 9th, 2015

Sooooo, there's some semi big crummy news this week.. My companion, Elder Ruiz has been really struggling since I got here with some health issues. And this week, he had a pretty bad panic attack where we rushed him to the hospital. I have been trapped in the hospital this week living of bananas and cliff bars (thanx Wantz fam).
Long story short, he had an emergency leave and is back in his house right now. So right now I am living with the other elders near by in a trio until changes on the 18th. It has been pretty tough but our missionary leader and the priest holders here are dope and have been leaving with me this whole week.. so we have been able to continue to visit all of the family's and people that I am teaching.
I had a a pretty sweet personal experience this week..

One night ths week, I came home completely drained and frustrated. I was so extremely exhausted mentally and physically and just fell on the ground. After planning, I went into the room and just broke down starting to cry; and I didn't really know why I was so upset. I have always considered myself to be a tougher guy, but I finally realized how much these people mean to me. It wasn't that I was worried about myself or my needs even the slightest degree. (I mean for the last week and a half, I have been sleeping on the ground with a pillow sheet stuffed full of my dirty clothes for a pillow haha)

I legitimately was concerned for the needs of the people that I am teaching; specifically, the Valladeares Family, who we have been working with since I got here. They are sooo amazing and I have been hoping and praying that they can find an answer to get married and baptized this week. (little interruption in the story, two days ago, they got accepted and we are planning on getting them married and baptized this month. We have already started the process to raise money for them and are going to sell over 100 tamales this week to the members of the ward. The ward is sooo awesome here) But I have truly grown to love these people with all my heart.

I have been struggling with the phrase "give the Lord all your heart might mind and strength" since the beginning of my mission. Because I  feel like I have been striving to do everything to the best of my ability, but just haven't been able to give the Lord my whole heart part. The other 3 I feel content with what i have been able to give to the Lord.
I have been and fasting and praying extra lately and I  feel that I have completely surrendered myself to the Lord and am lost in the work!!!
Oh just so, we are all on the same page here. I'm not gunna say my comps a baby.. cough cough But The only way that I am coming home is if they have to ship me back in a casket! Which our President of the mission, President Klein always says because we are in Honduras that could very well be tomorrow. hahaha 

I love you all!!!
Sooo, one of the hermanas here wanted to spoil me with a warm welcome.. For my dinner here, yo boiii ate cow tongue

Double fisting it with the book of Mormons

Missionary probs.. can't fit his whole life in 2 suitcases. haha Elder Jojo taking the bus to San Pedro

Rolling with one of my homies with our blingin chains

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