Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Febuary 9, 2015

A lot of changes have happened this week in the life of Elder Lessard.. 
1st. I finally got moved from La Ceiba. I have been in this area for 6 months and I'm not gunna lie, it was extremely hard to say goodbye. I loved this area and the people so much and I am going to miss them more than I could have ever imagined.. :(

2 of the families were literally crying at the door when I had to say goodbye to them!!! I never realized that it would be this hard to say goodbye to them... 
We have grown so close with them and have helped them reach success in their spiritual growth and as friends. We have seen their whole family become strengthened and more united! They have shared with us and we have served them. And for this reason, it was extremely hard to say goodbye to them and the rest of the people of LA CEiba. I have grown soooo close with them and I can honestly say that I will never forget them:)

2nd. I changed companions.. finally. haha they say that a companionship in the mish is great practice for real life marriage. I can testify to that, if I was with Elder Rojche for 4 and a half months, that means that I could make it work with just about anything (donkey included) haha
But my new comp is Elder Ruiz, from Nicaragua. Hes pretty dope and we already work real good together. I am excited to get to work with him. And by the definition of work, I mean work like dogs. He got real sick before I got here so we only have 5 investigators. Yepppp, all I can say is we are gunna put some work in at the Planeta

3rd. The Planeta.. which brings me to to the last and greatest change.
(Meg, mom, and Traci and the rest of my aunts I think yall might want to close your ears right now) I have been called to serve in the Planeta aka the most dangerous area in the whole mission.... The slogan here that the people say is "Entra si desea.. Sale si puede" or "Enter if you wish.. Leave if you can"
I know that the Lord has called me here because this is where He needs me!
I'm not gunna lie, I was a little nervous when I heard that I was coming here but I know that I have the Lords protection on my side and with him.. EVERYthing is possible!

I need to share with you the testimony I have of this church and more than anything, the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know with out a doubt in my mind that this gospel offers us the happiness, joy, and peace, that our Father in Heaven has planned for us. Something that the world can never offer us.
These last 7 months, I have seen right in front of my eyes, hearts touched and lives changed!!! I know that the Lord Jesus Christ lives, and I have seen his hands present guiding this work.
I'm not going to lie... this is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in my life but I can honestly say that I would not want to be in any other place in the world. If I serve the Lord with ALL my heart might mind and strength, I know that he will bless me and my family for the rest of my life. 
But yall, better get ready for me when I get back. Because I am going to come back, yes a better man, but also like a cannon ball flying out of a cannon. coming in hot 1000s mile an hour ready to press play on my life.
First thing, watching Isaac play ball and then start my life with you know who... Meg;)

More service

We have been working the last month (2 mornings a week), helping build a house for one of the families in our ward. Look at this gheddo ladder he made for us. I told him this gringo weighs more than he thinks and I don't think it was gunna hold me. He said, trust me hurry up and get up there. Guess what happened? It broke and cut my arm open pretty good... hahaha

making "semittas" the most delicious bread ever...

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