Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 20, 2015

Honduras has got to be the hottest place on the face of this earth... So this has been the hottest week here and I felt like I about died every day. Its hot in Cali but compared to here, its nothing. When I step out of the shower, I am suddenly wet again from the humidity. It has been soo hot, that me and the other missionaries got heat rashes (Ya, I didn't even think that existed either but ohhhh boiiii does it exist) Its a rash that itches and burns and gets worst when you sweat and are hot so I don't think its going to go away anytime soon. haha

Also this week, the pump for the whole colony broke so there has been no running water for 6 days. There is drinking water when the trucks pass around but no one has water to bathe or too wash clothes. Sooo, it has been a real tough week for everyone. But there is one spigot at the end of the colony that everyone goes to with there bottles, jugs and anything they can use to put water in. But its super sad, because there is only one so everyone in this colony goes there and there is always a huuuuge line with lil kids waiting to bathe which absolutely breaks my heart. But also in the church they have running water, so we have spent a good portion of our week running around passing out water. I know I have been here for 9 months, but i'm stil not totally accustomed to it. I still feel sometimes like I am in a whole different world. But as crazy as it is, I absolutely love it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an amazing experience we had this weekend...
We have been constantly working with the Family Valladares for the last 3 months to get married and baptized. And long story short.. This Saturday they took the step to get married and entered waters of baptism. It was the most amazing experience of my mission so far. We have worked so hard, prayed, fasted and finally to see the happiness in their family and the blessings that they have received makes me light up brighter than the sun.
Honestly, this was the best day of my mission so far because I felt a joy and happiness fill my heart more that was something like I have never felt before. It was a different kind of feeling to see the happiness in the lives of other people who I have grown to love so dearly.
I know that The Lord put this family in our hands and for that reason I am sooo grateful with my Heavenly Father. I love Him and I know that he strengthens and lifts me up when I feel like I cant go anymore. I know it is sometimes hard to feel Him in your life, but if you open your hearts he will enter and fill the emptiness in your life that you never knew you had. I say that because he has done just that in my life!
All 8 of us in white. it was dope (Pres Klein came too)


Cutting the cake... adorbs

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