Tuesday, January 20, 2015

December 1, 2014

Yeah, yeah, I know I have been slippin with the letters. Cut me a break... I had the end of the football season that I needed to know everything about from Isaac, a high-maintence missionary girlfriend (shhhh... dont let Meg hear that) haha, and a goofball of a mom I gotta stay in tune with so that has pretty much taken up my email time!

But things are going great here. I honestly love my area, my ward, and most importantly the people here. Even though I can not speak this language perfect, I have grown to love the people and built a relationship with them that I will never forget! We have changes next week which I am praying that I dont get moved to a different area. So keep your fingers and toes crossed that Iget to stay here for one more change.

I promise I will write more next week but i have bunch of photos that I think you guys will like better than my boring email. haha  Love to all of you--my family and friends-- and hope all is well with ya'all!!!

I know that God lives and blesses every aspect of our life. Just open up your eyes and take a look in your life. Then, you will see that every blessing comes from our loving Heavenly Father who loves, cares, and knows you!
Call me Elder William Wallace!!!!
(Braveheart if you didn't catch that)
This thing was giaaaaaaaaant! I wanted to cook it and eat it but my comp wasn't down for that
Yo boi with ganeos..
We literally eat these every single day. they sell them here 25 for 20 Limpiras $1.
So one ganeo is like 4 cents.

I know it's late.. but this was our first baptism!!! Duncan is a great kids and his best friend got to baptize him.


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