Tuesday, January 20, 2015

July 22, 2014

I don't even know where to start.. For starters, I am constantly tired.  Like all day every day. haha I will tell you guys my daily schedule.  Wake up at 6:30, not 6:32 as our President made very clear. I wake up a few minutes early to do my hair *you guys know me* just kiddin. The first day that we got here, they took all the new missionaries in and the first thing they did was shave our heads.  And not like gave us a hair cut.. straight shaved all of our hair off.  I felt like I was in some crazy cult and was not happy but I'm over it now! haha We then have a hour of workout, sports, and shower to be ready to roll by 7:30.  We have 30 minutes of personal study where I usually just read my scriptures. I would have never thought I would enjoy reading my scriptures but I look forward to reading them in English.  I will tell you more next week about my hate for Spanish scriptures. haha We then have breakfast for 30 minutes and then have 1.5 hours for personal study and language study.  Then we have class for another 3 hours until lunch. You think meals would be a break right.. wrong! haha They make us talk in Spanish to the other latino missionaries. We then head back to class and study Preach My Gospel which I am beginning to really like. There is sooooo much different stuff that is great advice. Then we have more classes and computer workshops to try to learn the language. Then we have dinner and blah blah blah. I do this for 16 hours a day so during my one hour break I don't wanna talk about it anymore haha.  But we work until 9:30 and then have to be in bed asleep by 10:30. 

It's weird though, even though we are literally working for 16 hours a day, every night I go to bed telling me myself I wish I would have more time in the day to work.  The language is very tough and I get frustrated every day but I actually am improving soo quick.  I don't know if I told you this week but I am by far the best at Spanish in my district which really surprised me. I am grateful that I am picking up the language at a pretty fast rate. It is amazing how much the Spirit helps when you are trying to serve the Lord with everything you have! I love a simple quote by Elder Bednar that said "Work to do your very best, leave the Lord the rest" I love this because I am going to do EVERYthing I can do, work my hardest, study and want to learn the language with all my heart, and then when I have given absolutely ever single thing I have, I will have faith in Christ to make up the difference. 

Other than that, I have been doing a lot better this week. I got in one fight this week but made up for it by breaking another one up.  haha I have a good explanation tho.. A few of us were just messing around and wrestling and then one guy full on grabbed my...  so I picked him up and threw him into the wall.  And you wouldn't believe who saw it.. Presidents wife! Just my luck huh? So I had a good talking to with the President. haha But he is pretty tight and were straight now!

I am out of time.. I wish I could tell you more but I gotta peace! Love all of you guys and miss ya tons.

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