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December 12, 2014

Whooo Hooo!!! I have some great news! We had changes this week (when missinoaries get moved to different parts of the country) but guess what I idn't get changed. I am so happy I et to be here for 2 more months. I have literally grown soo close with the people here and I ould have been distraught if I hato leave them. My favorite family, La Familia Rubi started crying last night when we told them that one of us might get changed tomorrow. We have 3 baptisms planned for December already and the daughter (9 years old little Erika) told me last night that she wants me to baptize her on Saturday so I m jacked about that:) There is this other kid (Kevin Cruz 17 yrs old) that will have a place in my heart forever. I don't know really how to explain it but I m so close with this kid. He got baptized right before I got here and is such an amazing kid with a strong great heart. Right now, we have been meeting with him 3 times a week and helping him prepare to serve a mission. There is another family that we have been working with to get them married. They don't have any money so we have done 3 different activities to raise money for them so they can get married, baptized, and ultimately get sealed in the temple! wowwww.. What an amazing feeling it is to be a small tool in the Lords hands helping his children find happiness!!! I could go on and on with the people that I've already grown sooo close too. But I gotta fill you in on what happened this week...    
Lets just say, I can honestly say this was the craziest week of my life. This last week "un tormenta" a huge storm hit La Ceiba this week and it has not stopped raining for 5 days. The people are saying it is the worst storm since 1979. All the roads are absolutely flooded, and it has been getting sooo flooded, that a lot of the houses have 2 to 3 feet of water in them. We haven't even taught a lesson for the last 3 days. We wake up, throw on our rain boots, ponchos and hit the streets. Walking up and down the street flooded rivers going from house to house to help them... Bucket the water out of the house, lift their stuff up off the ground, and whatever else they need. That's not even the nuts part. On Monday, was literally the craziest day of my life. The river got flooded over 20 feet and there is a small colony of people "La Borda" that lives on the banks of the the river shore. And because the river flooded sooo much, they had no where to go because the river was raising up and starting washing some of the houses away. We have two families that live there so we sprinted down there when we heard this and when we got there, they were waiting for us. Mom,dad, 3 little kids, and 2 trash bags of all their belonging. We picked up the kids and put them on our shoulders and took them to the church. Long story short, we went back and forth for 4 hours helping families evacuate before the river got too high they couldn't leave. It was an experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life!!! I am soo grateful for the opportunity I had in this moment to literally be a servant of the Lord. I am so grateful for this calling and this time has definitely been the hardest thing I have had to do in my life but at the same time it has brought a joy and peace into my life that I never thought was possible!!!  

We have been drenched from head to toe for the last 5 days straight. haha
Fishing in Honduras

What the heck is this animal?

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