Tuesday, January 20, 2015

October 29, 2014

Wowww.. I was up til 3 AM in the morning last night finishing my Xmas package for my family and Meg:) I wasn’t going to say anything to make it a surprise but I just can’t help it. It is nothing big because I can’t do much down here. But I know you guys are going to love it! 

There were changes this week but I am soo happy that I didn’t get changed and I can stay in this area for more time. I love La Ceiba and the people and area I am serving. Our ward is arguably one of the best wards in all of Honduras! Just saying

So I have at least 6 more weeks here with my companion and actually things have been getting much better with this chump. haha I told Meg that if there is one thing I am learning here it is patience. So that’s good news for all of you guys reading this.. I don’t think I will ever get annoyed with any of you ever again. haha But we have been working extremely hard and it took a little while to see the success here but the Lord has rewarded us tremendously. We found the ¨Golden Family¨. This is the type of family that we are looking for. A young couple with 3 kids. The mom is a member but hasn’t been to church in 8 years. It is a true blessing that we found this family. The colonia (lil area) that they live is ¨controlled¨ by the Catholic church there and they said it is a rule that whoever lives there cannot attend any other church. I really have no clue how the crap we found them but when we did she opened the door and said ¨I have been waiting for you. I want to return to the church and raise my family in the gospel. We had probably the best visit I’ve had here with them last week. I felt the Spirit strong.. Something that I have ever felt before. I finished bearing my simple testimony of the power of families and happiness that this gospel can bring to their family. God knows and loves every single one of you! I felt a warm burning sensation I have never felt before and I know they felt something as well.
Because after they said that they both want to get married in the temple and be sealed with their families.  After we ended and left the house, Ii was jumping up and down like a little school boy! haha 

This is the type of people we are looking for. They make everything worth it! oh ya, and they said ¨the bird to the Catholics here¨ haha okay, not exactly but that’s the vibe I got from them! haha 

This last week has been crazyyy!!! The last 3 days, a storm hit here and has been the worst rain in over 5 years. It literally hasn’t stopped in 3 days straight. The whole city is flooded and literally we walk through 1 to 2 feet of rain up to our knees. 

I have recommitted myself to the Lord and His work!!!
Me and my new comp Elder Rotche

The result of the worst storm in 5 years. 3 straight days of rain. Walking in 2 feet of water for the last few days!

Service project time in Honduras.. Laying the foundation for a single mom and 4 kids in our ward!

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