Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Janurary 19, 2015

Hey family and friends, I just wanted to say thank you for all your love and support. I’m feeling it even though I’m 1000s of miles away. 

Something that I have always known, but have learned this week is this.. The more we sacrifice for the Lord.. the more blessings we receive. I thought that serving a mission was a big enough sacrifice, which it is... Leaving my family, my girl, my passions, schooling, warm showers, etc on pause for 2 years. But I have realized that even in the mission there is an amount that we are willing to sacrifice... 

My goal is to give EVERYthing I have one day at a time. I hope that I can come home every night completely dead and be able to lay in my bed and say that I literally could not have done anything more today and that I can leave Honduras after 2 years and not have regrets!!!

These last 2 weeks, I have literally witnessed miracles happen right before me.. People’s lives have literally changed right before my eyes!!! I know this is the Lords work and his hands are helping me to bring happiness into the lives of the people here. I know that he blesses us according to our sacrifice we are willing to give to him and his children. 

I challenge you all.. my family, my friends, and all my loved ones to sacrifice for the Lord and in return you will receive blessings and see that really it is no sacrifice at all.. I love you all and hope you are all well 

Look.. my pancake skills are getting better right? haha
Giving my homies a piggy back ride. haha I love them!!

Love these lil guys

The smile on their faces and the looks in their eyes.. is something that I will never forget.

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