Tuesday, January 20, 2015

July 29, 2014

Ight.. so I am 50% done at the CCM. haha It was funny this week because we got a new batch of missionaries that came in on Tuesday and the looks in there eyes was priceless stepping off the bus. Funny to think that was me a few weeks ago but now I'm not a rookie scrub anymore. We got 55 new Nortes North Americans and 35 Latinos this weekend which is a new record at the amount of people here. There's not enough room for everyone to sleep.. so they moved my district of 4 companionships over across the street into temple housing which is sweet. Its not super nice.. There are 4 people that sleep in one room but only 2 people can get dressed a time because theres not enough room.. so we have to play tetris in the morning when getting ready as I'm trying to do my pushups. There are 2 different temperatures for the shower which is good- cold and colder. haha But that's prob what it's gunna be like in Honduras for the next 2 years so might as well get use to it now right? And I have only had to smash like 12 cockroaches so thats not too bad compared to what's its gunna be like. The bright side is that we got to walk to and from the CCM every day twice. So in the morning on Wednesday I was feeling really good and saw a guy sitting at the bus stop and asked if any one wanted to go up to him and talk to him.  But everyone was scared because our Spanish is still crap but I had a good feeling about it so I talked someone to go with me.  long story short.. We went up to and talked to him for about 10 minutes which I still don't know what about. haha But I gave him a Book of Mormon and asked if the missionaries could come by later this week to share a message with him! And he said freakin yesssss! It was so awesome and got me really excited to get out in the field where I can really start blessing peoples lives! Love you guys and miss you.

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