Tuesday, January 20, 2015

August 25, 2014

Okay okay okayyy.. So yo boy made it safe n sound.. 2 different planes and 3 different buses I am in La Ceiba, Honduras. I didn't get the chance to write last week cuz I didn't get here til super late. I was nervous I might see Meghan running down the streets of Honduras looking for me to make sure I am ok but she has faith in me. haha  I will tell you everything next week but this week is dedicated to my boy Isaac THE LIONHEART Lessard.. He's got a BIIIG day coming up. I really cant explain this day in words. Lets just say it is the biggest day of his life thus far. In the 17 years of living.. since he was birthed, to when he took his first step, and much greater that any award or graduation he has accomplished.  It is the day he plays De La Salle at Cal on ESPN.. Wowww I can't believe I am not gunna be there physically but you better believe I willll be his biggest fan in spirit. No one even try to get on my level cuz it aint happening! But I am so jacked for this day and am so proud of this kid. I have told him how I really feel about the kind of man he is growing into. He has a long ways to go, he knows that but it has been amazing seeing him progress in the right direction! He will get mad at me if I keep talking bout him but I just want everyone to know how extremely proud of this kid I am and how much I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonah at Isaac's game being his biggest fan in spirit

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