Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Janurary 12, 2015

Happy New Years from yo boiii from Honduras in 2015!!!!!

Soooo, I am super jacked about this new year and the success that WE ARE going to accomplish.. in my personal life, in the lifes of my family and friends, the lifes of my people here in Honduras and in the Lords work!!! 
This is my quote that I am going to strive to live this year, ¨A successful missionary measures his success by the peace that comes into his heart from time to time when he can honestly say, ¨I am doing my very best. I have a lot of weaknesses and a lot to learn. But I am withholding nothing from the Lord. I am serving with all my might, with all my mind, with all my heart, and with all my strength. I am faithful and giving it all I have to give!¨ 

If you know me.. you know that I always want to be the best in everything that I do!!! If you also know... you know that I never have been the best but I work with EVERYthing I have to reach the success that I have envisioned for myself. I am going to be the best missionary here in Honduras.. shoot in all of Central America.. shoot I’m just gunna go for it, ya in all the world. haha

My first day in Honduras, I only had 1 question for my mission President. ¨What do I need to do to be the best missionary that I can possibly be?¨  

He very simply said.. Be a true disciple of Christ. With this advice, I have read in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel that explains Christlike attributes. It explains his love, humility, charity, faith, obedience, diligence, virtue. So every night, without fail I read focus and study one of thes attributes that I feel like I fell the most short of that day. I ask forgiveness for my shortcomings and strive to become more Christlike each and single day!!!

This is my number 1 goal this year.. Strive relentlessly to become more and more become Christlike in everything that I do!!!!!!! I invite you to do the same  

Lets start off in January.. We have been working like dawgs (dawgs not dogs) and we are definitely starting to see success come forth. We have 5 baptisms planned for this month which means we need to continue to work like dawgs to help these people take their first official step in returning to Christ by making this covenant with our Heavenly Father.

Speaking bout the big man, I am so extremely grateful with my father in Heaven for the opportunity he has given me to be a small instrument in his hand to help bring his children back to him!!! 
Wowww.. Yo boi has been serving for over 6 months now. It's crazy that I'm already a 1/4 of the way done and I'm not gunna lie.. I'm definitely sad that I only have 3 more times at this:(

We have been working with Kerin Castillo for the last month and a half and she made the decision to be baptized this Saturday and I couldn't be more jacked.
She is so awesome and is seriously planning and hoping to serve a mission!

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