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September 15, 2014

For the next 2 years, I have a new home, new food, new friends, a new life. I do not even know where to start... I want to share some of the experiences I have had thus far but those can wait. I know you guys probably want to hear more about Honduras in general. Soooo here ya go

EVERYthing is green. Im not gunna lie, and I may be a little embaressed to say this but it is super pretty. I am in La Ceiba which is the city that is said to be ¨The city that plays while while San Pedro Sula works¨ And if you know what they mean by work then yaa.. Dont worry please, we still hear gun shots on a regular basis but here is no where as dangerous as it is in SPS. La Ceiba is one of the main cities that is right next to the islands. It is in between the coast and the mountains. I am kind of on the outskirts of town in mountains which was exactly what I wanted. It is pretty dope area. There are animals everywhere. Cows, dogs, pigs, chickens, sheep in the streets, in the houses, everywhere. Its only been 3 weeks, but I am already finding it normal to have a chicken or pig run through our legs in the middle of a lesson. haha My companion is pretty dope.. he is from El Salvador and actually speaks great English. He even speaks too much English sometimes. I have to yell at him and remind him to shut up in English and say everything in Spanish so I can learn faster.  But honestly, I am really grateful for him. Yes he definitely gets on my nerves and I wish he worked harder but I am learning soooo much from him. He has been in this are for almost 10 months which is like unheard of to be in the same little community for so long. So he literally knows everyone and everything of our area which is good and bad in some ways. He is getting a little complacent here. We have great people we are teaching now but we are not doing a good job in talking to new people every day so I have been trying really hard to push him in this aspect.

Spanish is coming slow but it is coming.. I am starting to understand more and more in our lessons and can almost always know what's going on throughout the lesson (because I understand most of the words and vocabulary of the gospel) but when we are just talking with people in the street.. I am pretty sure that they are speaking Japanese or something. I am not exactly sure what language they are speaking but it's not Spanish. The food.. maz hizo (dope, great, amazing all the above) but ya it is not very friendly. Lets just say... it looks like i am NOT going to have solid poop for the next 2 years! haha But the food is awesome, when we have it. But many nights we dont have dinner. Our ward is awesome, like one of the best wards in our mission.. But some people.. literally simply do not have enough food for their own family let alone 2 extra mouths. Which I am 100% happy with going out to dinner for them.  This has probably been the most humbling aspect of the mission thus far. When the people have nothing but they ask if we will have dinner with them. I am so grateful for the people here and am growing to love them!!!!!!!! 

Yuppp- I'm officially out of the MTC and headed to Honduras to serve the lord and the people of Honduras.

My homie Elder Sheppard learning Spanish.. or something like that.

If I look a little happy.. it's because I am! I just got a huge package from my number 1= meg
I am so grateful for this girl:)


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