Tuesday, January 20, 2015

September 22, 2014

Things are getting a lot better out here with me. The language is coming, slowly, but it is coming. I'm pretty much settled in with everything – cold showers, scorching heat, animals running through my legs during lessons, naked kids running around, and rice and beans daily. Ha! But I'm finally getting settled in and everything is getting better. I know I said not to worry about me a few weeks ago, but yeah, I was lying. Ha ha! But now I am telling the truth, so now you really don't have to worry about me! Ha ha! I do want to explain more about me and what's going on here, but I don't know where to start. So I'm just going to tell you three of my experiences that I had this week.

1) "Chopper"-- it's when you chop down the grass, weeds, and crop with a machete. So, four of us missionaries were walking down the street carry machetes to help a family chopper their property. We spent about one hour and when we were done the sun grab for coconuts from the coconut tree and cut them open for us. So we drink the juice inside and then ate the middle. I HATE coconut with a passion as you know, but hey, how often do you get a coconut chopped open for you? So I downed it. It was just a fun experience.
2) We were walking down the street and the police drove by. Normal right? Wrong, it was a ghetto old truck that had stickers that said police on one side. And in the bed of the truck, there were six guys dressed in all black that had masks on (so you could only see their eyes) caring big old shotguns. It's weird because everyone has guns here. Outside of every gas station or convenience store a guy is standing outside with a shotgun. And even yesterday, one guy that we were talking with had a revolver in his back pocket. It's pretty crazy but everyone is respectful to us so there's nothing to worry about Mom! :-)
3) We were walking to and appointment with someone and saw a woman carrying a huge bag on her shoulder so Elder Gusman sprinted over to help her and we carried the bag back to her house – a one bedroom house with a dirt floor for her and her two sons. She goes into town once every month to buy food and she walks 2 miles there and 2 miles back. We were able to share a quick message with her and I felt like we were truly making a difference. That's why I am here, to make a small difference in the world. I love doing stuff like that and other service because I can't speak their language very well, but I can show my love by serving them so I am always trying to find ways to serve the people here!
These are just a few things I am experiencing here so you guys can know what's going on with me. I feel like something weird/cool/exciting happens every day so I'm trying to remember to write everything down so we can look back on them. Love you guys! You're always in my thoughts and prayers!
Elder Lessard

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